Welcome To 8th Grade Algebra

Algebra 1 Expectations

**Mr. R’s expectations**

  • Cell phones-Be respectful-don't use in class

  • Be prepared(supplies, homework)

  • Respect yourself and each other

  • 100% attitude and effort

  • Have fun

  • Can call me Rosie outside of classroom(Mr. R, Mr. Rosaaen at school)

  • Come to me with questions/work through things together- large group instruction might not be how you learn best, come and set-up some one-on-one time for better understanding

Student expectations

Positive( what we want in class)

  • homework completed on time

  • everyone paying attention/listening


  • being prepared

  • maturity

  • trying your best

  • study

  • First 5-10 minutes of class to study when there is a test

  • Use time wisely

  • Work time/Question/Answer time

  • Set Goals

  • Have fun!

Negative(things we do not want part of our class)

  • messing around/being a distraction

  • talking during class

  • loud noises/talking

  • not staying in seat

  • cheating

  • negative attitude

  • bullying

  • fighting/arguing

  • talking down/not being helpful



  • tardy if not prepared

  • detention

  • one-on-one talk with Mr. R

  • discussion with parents

  • office referral

  • seating chart



  • free day/no homework

  • movie time

  • choice day

  • positive letter/note/call to parents

  • Outside time

  • snack/treat/ice cream
  • Phone Fridays

Contact Information:

Mr. Rosaaen

8th Grade Wing- Room 803 KMMS