KMMS Rock 'n' Jazz Band

Here’s the scoop on the KMMS Rock 'n' Jazz Program:

• It is not mandatory, and has no influence on grades. It is just an enrichment opportunity.

• It’s open to ANYONE in band, grades 6-8. (There may be a few advanced 5th grade students who may join in the music-making, with my approval. But most 5th graders don’t know enough notes yet.) I have parts written for ALL the instruments.

• We will meet Thursdays every week, from 7:30-7:55 a.m.

• To these rehearsals they need to bring:
o Instrument
o Their own copies of the music (I will NOT have additional copies handy for everyone)

If you have YouTube at your home and enabled, please allow kids to listen to recordings online. The more they listen, they more they know what they should sound like. Jazz is an aural art, using call and response, improvisation, etc. They need to listen, practice, and internalize the music to make it happen!

The students interested in jazz have signed up in band, and copies of their parts have been made. If anyone wants to do it and they didn’t sign up, they still can. I just need to make more copies, so the sooner they let me know, the better!

As always, if you have questions, please send them my way.
~Liz Harwood
KMMS Bands
507.634.4030 (Main Office)

Twitter: @KMMSBands