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EAGLE BLUFF:   Nov. 7-9, 2016

We will be discussing our AMAZING trip to Eagle Bluff early on in the school year.  Here is a website you can start looking at to get an idea of this AWESOME trip!

What is Eagle Bluff?:

Parent Information:

What to Bring: (Do not worry about optional gear)

Code of Conduct:

Eagle Bluff Medical Form:

 You can stay caught up on homework by attending:                       
 CP (Continuous Progress) is held in room 201, M-Thurs., 
 3:00-4:00.  Teachers are there to help in all subject areas.

               Math: - Mr. Robertson
Since we are doing independent math, we have started to do what we call 15,2,1.  This is where the student will do 15 Skill Practice problems, 2 Problem Solving (story problems), and 1 Mixed Review off of their assignment pages. The week schedule will not be detailed as it can change from day to day. It will be very important to check your child's planner for more detailed information.

Language Arts:- Mrs. Suess-   
* See Calendar above
Monday:  Soldier's Heart Ch.3 and answer questions
 Define Soldier's Heart Vocab
Wednesday:SH Ch. 4 and questions/quiz
Thursday: SH Ch.5 and questions
* Reading Log were due Dec.21 with a parent signature!

Social Studies:
MLK packet.  Wksht 38 due Wed.
Ch. 7 take home quiz due Thurs

Science:- Mr. Nelson

We will also be giving quiz(es) most weeks in class. The quizzes are designed to help students with daily lesson comprehension. The quizzes might be on a reading assignment or a lab that we did the day before.
We will be doing a lot of physical science, and a little bit of earth, and life science along with other fun activities. We will be using our science books along with doing some things outside of the book including doing some experiments/labs.

This year we will be doing some Personalized Learning (PL). PL is an instructional technique that allows the students to decide there own learning path. We will be doing some PL on Team 6A along with more traditional teaching strategies as we go through the year.

Vocabulary is a big part of 6th grade science.  The students will receive a Master Vocab list with 127 words on it. We will have weekly quizzes on the vocabulary throughout most of the year. The quizzes will typically be on Fridays.

PLEASE come come PREPARED for class ready to LEARN!

We will be taking notes periodically as we go through each chapter/unit and there will be daily assignments on material that has been covered throughout The lesson(s).

There also will be random  quizzes centered on reviewing the previous day's lesson. The quizzes are designed to help the students comprehend and retain the information easier.

**We will begin chapter 10 (Motion and Force) during the week of 3/20.  We will be learning about types of motion and force. During chapter 10 will will be doing labs to explain force. We will also continue to do some Personalized Learning lessons as well as more direct instruction lessons which will allow for more structure in the classroom. There will be note taking and some short assignments as well as random quizzes as we go through each lesson of the chapter. 



There will be some written work that we do as we go through each chapter/unit. We will also be doing some journal writing, and we will be incorporating some Personalized Learning (PL) into our Soc. St. lessons as well. 

WE WILL BEGIN CHAPTER 10 DURING THE WEEK OF 3/13.  Chapter 10 is about the early settlers in Minnesota and the difficulties they had. The students should have the vocabulary list defined for chapter 10 in their notes.