K-M Intermediate

Grade 5 Supply List

·        5 spiral notebooks, each of a different color (yellow, blue, green, red, purple)

·        5 folders, colors to match notebooks

Teachers will assign a subject to each color when school starts

·        Pencils

·        Pens – blue or black, NO gel pens

·        Glue sticks or glue bottle

·        4 stretchy book cover for math to fit a 9 x 12 book or larger

·        1 dry erase marker & eraser for math

·        Colored pencils

·        Markers

·        Highlighter

·        Scissors to fit the student’s hand

·        Pencil box/bag  -  must fit in desk

·        Calculator

·        Large box of tissues for Johnson/Mann/Jaensch/Schneider team

·        Personal stapler for Johnson/Mann/Jaensch/Schneider team

·        Art supplies:  9 x 12 Spiral Sketch Book, folder, pencils, colored pencils and paint shirt

·        Headsets will be needed for music class use when in the computer lab.
Headsets used in 4th grade will remain in school and be sent to the Middle
School for use in 5th grade. An inexpensive pair may be purchased through the school store in the fall for $3.00 if you wish to do so.

·        Music – dry erase marker, any color. Don’t buy Boone brand. We’ve found that they dry out very quickly. Do not buy erasers for the dry erase markers due to storage concerns.

·        Physical Education uniform

·        Tennis shoes should be NON-MARRING.  The school board recommends you purchase shoes with non-marring soles for all school activities.

*   $5.00 for Scholastic News Magazine for the year




  2. All backpacks MUST fit in lockers. NO WHEELS.
  3. NO PADLOCKS for lockers.