About Mr. Buchanan

Academic Background


Teaching Experience

  • Kasson-Mantorville Schools, Kasson,MN
    2013-Present    8th Grade Global Studies, K-M Middle School
    1998-2013        7th Grade Geography, K-M Middle School
    1996-1998        10th Grade History, K-M High School
                            11th & 12th Grade Ancient History
                            11th & 12th Grade Geography of Tourism

Professional Activities

  • Kasson-Mantorville Hall of Fame Committee
  • Guest Lecturer, MMSA Conference
  • Mentor / Mentee Program
  • KM 2010 Technology Workgroup
  • KM Middle School PLC Facilitator
  • Middle School Staff Recognition Committee
  • District BPCC Member
  • Middle School Advisory Committee
  • Middle School & High School Scheduling Committees
  • Middle School Career Day Committee
  • Middle School Site Team
  • Middle School PST
  • Teacher Performance Evaluation Team Member
  • Presenter, Wendy's High School Heisman Award
  • Presenter,Kasson-Mantorville Hall of Fame
  • Assistant Section 1 Wrestling Tournament Manager, MSHSL

Professional Memberships


Publications & Areas of Academic Research


Buchanan, J. (2002, October 2).  Athletic participation & aspects of student-life.   Dodge County       Independent, 137,  5.


Buchanan, J. & Felegy, R. (2001, September 5).  If you build it, they will come.  Dodge
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Buchanan, J. (1998, April 13). Mission Accomplished. The Guillotine, 27, 9.


Buchanan, J. (1996, April 9).  Team Minnesota is second in national championships. The
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"Intuitive Analysis of Sport Psychology Constructs"


"Tourism and Major League Baseball Geography"


"Oil Shale as an Alternative Energy Resource"


"Ginseng Production in Marathon County, WI"

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