Music Software

SmartMusic Home Studio
This website provides information on how you can get SmartMusic Home Studio for yourself at home. Play with band method books, grade yourself, and send recordings to family members!

Finale NotePad
Free online music notation software. Download the software and you can compose music using whichever instruments you choose have it played back to you. Click "Try It" to check out the free version, or "Buy Now" to purchase and download it.

  Online Guides

Cool music font, tools for music classrooms
Music font, worksheets, transparencies, and other tools for the classroom are located for free on this website.

Music Theory Web Site
Music theory drills and concepts. This is recommended for all students, especially those interested in excelling in music, and possibly planning to study music in post-secondary school.

Hal Leonard Publishing
Music publisher with mp3 files of their pieces available for listening or downloading.

Alfred Publishing
Music publisher with mp3 files of their pieces available for listening or downloading.

Jazz Scales (direct link to the BLUES)
Listen to and get all the blues scales in any key you'd like. Also has links to major pentatonic, minor pentatonic, blues, major, and harmonic minor scales, and triad chords, 7th chord qualities, and scale-tone chords.

Woodwind Fingering Guide
Can't remember a fingering? Looking to extend your range? Look no further.

Free Online Metronome
Open the webpage and set the tempo. The metronome clicks should come through your computer's speakers.

  Buy Music Stuff Here

J.W. Pepper
Buy music online. Some pieces have audio clips so you can hear the music before you buy it. They have a store up in Minneapolis.

Music stands, risers, acoustic shells, cabinets, etc.

  Professional Music Organizations

Southeastern Minnesota Youth Orchestras homepage. There are several orchestras and ensembles that rehearse in Rochester. Audition times and dates are listed on the website. This is open to most instrumental musicians in SE Minnesota, and is a wonderful enrichment to our school program.

Minnesota Music Educators Association

Music Educators National Conference

Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz
Jazz resource library, handouts, teacher manual, assessments, jazz styles, etc.

Drum Corps International
Drum Corps International official website. Links to all three DCI divisions, or how to audition for a drum and bugle corps.

Jazz At Lincoln Center
Jazz Education website, with significant focus on Duke Ellington's music and influence on jazz.

Midwest Clinic Website

  Very cool...

Music Racer
Fun, competitive note-naming game

Rhythm Trainer
Great program for learning and practicing rhythm

Fingering chart game
Play this game to test how quickly you identify the correct instrument fingerings!!

Check out Wynton Marsalis (trumpet) and Alan Gampel (piano) introduce their art, discuss its history and background, share personal insights, and demonstrate mastery through performance. This is a cool website!

Young Composer: Brittany Meier
This young woman has overcome many obstacles including blindness and autism, yet her musical abilities are astounding. See the video and audio clips of what she can and does do.
Explore original compositions organized by many styles, categories, and "feel" that you want to evoke. Also a good resource for examples of bossa nova, funk, dance, hip-hop, classical, R&B, etc. Good stuff.

Note-naming game

KMMS Library Website: Music Books Room