How to Get Organized
Organizational Tips for Middle Schoolers

•Color code your folders and note books. (i.e. green folder and notebook for science, blue for math, etc.)
•BEFORE you leave school, get out your planner and go over your list of assignments. Put all of those subjects in your backpack. (Not just the worksheet that’s due, but the notebook and folder for that class as well, so your assignments can then get put back into the correct folder.
•Take home your planner with your homework.
•Designate a place that you do your homework at EVERYTIME. This way, you will be sure that nothing will be left at home or in other places, because you will clear this area of homework every night.
•After you finish an assignment, put it back in its color coded folder and put it into your backpack.
•Do 1 last check from your planner. Make sure you completed all assignments and that they are put back into the correct folder and then put them into your back pack. THIS MUST BE DONE THE NIGHT BEFORE!! (Mornings get too hectic and it’s easy to forget things.)