6th Grade Band

Sixth Grade Band curriculum picks up where 5th grade band left off last spring. In September, the band reviews 5th grade band curriculum, recalling articulations, dynamics, and other elements of music as they relate to playing our instruments.

In October/November, the students need to purchase the next book we'll use in lessons and rehearsals: Essential Elements Book 2. 6th grade curriculum moves beyond the very beginner skills learned in 5th grade band.  Parts in concert music increase in complexity, as students gain more independence musically.  This opens the door to different timbres and sound effects throughout the band, as students explore the combinations of timbres used in contemporary band repertoire.

The first concert of the year is in December, and the final concert is in May.  The concert dates can be found by clicking the "Performance Dates" link to your left.

LIVE links to Warm-up videos to play EVERY DAY (from Mrs. Harwood and Mrs. VInzant)
 - Flute
 - Oboe
 - Clarinet
 - Saxophone
 - Trumpet
 - F Horn
 - Trombone
 - Baritone/Euphonium
 - Tuba
 - Snare drumming

LIVE links to instructional videos:
 - How to count dotted rhythms
 - Concert Ab Major (common pitfalls)
 - Instrument and music stands