5th Grade Band

Purpose and Goals

* The beginning instrumental program at KMMS is designed to meet the special musical needs of 5th grade school children.
* I strongly feel that involvement in the music program is a vital part of your child’s total education.
* It is my goal to develop the highest possible level of musical achievement for each student, keeping in mind each child’s interests, needs and abilities.
* The band program will provide experiences to foster positive attitudes, self-reliance, self-discipline, a spirit of cooperation and greater appreciation for the world of music.

To those interested in being in BEGINNING BAND: We start class sessions in mid- to late-September by reviewing 4th grade curriculum. Pull-out lessons typically start the 1st week of October, and consist of groups of students who have chosen the same instrument. We learn how to hold, care for, and create good beginning sounds within those first few lessons. After mastering these basics, we add a few notes each lesson, constantly working toward mastery of the instruments. When we know enough notes on our instruments to play together as a full band, we start rehearsals.

I am happy to include all interested students in the band program. Please contact Mrs. Harwood if you are interested in participating!

Starting in October, students will need to bring their instruments and music to school two days per week for full-band rehearsals. They will also need them at school for one more day each week for the lesson on their instrument.

Our first concert is in December, and the final concert of the year will be in May.  The concert dates can be found by clicking the "Performance Dates" link on the left.

LIVE Links to Warm-up videos to play EVERY DAY (from Mrs. Harwood and Mrs. Vinzant)
 - Flute
 - Clarinet
 - Saxophone
 - Trumpet
 - Trombone
 - Baritone/Euphonium
 - Tuba
 - Snare Drumming

LIVE links to instructional videos
 - How to count dotted rhythms
 - Instrument and music stands