7th Grade Band

Band is offered as an elective course in the 7th Grade. It is a continuation of 6th Grade Band.

Students in 7th Grade Band have full band rehearsals every day for 43 minutes. We also have weekly sectionals for 20-25 minutes. Our curriculum includes concert performances and some small ensemble work in the spring. Our students will work with a wide array of technology to develop their playing skills and understanding of music theory. The emphasis in our music curriculum is to create, perform, reflect, and connect with music and with others.

LIVE Links to Warm-up videos to play EVERY DAY (from Mrs. Harwood and Mrs. Vinzant)
 - Flute
 - Oboe
 - Bassoon
 - Clarinets
 - Saxophones
 - Trumpet
 - F Horn
 - Trombone
 - Baritone/Euphonium
 - Tuba
 - 4-mallets
 - Snare drumming

LIVE links to instructional videos 
 - How to count dotted rhythms
 - How to count in compound meter (6/8)
 - Concert Ab Major (common pitfalls)
 - Practice Essential Elements Book 2 page 21
 - Compose 2 measures of rhythm in 6/8 meter.

Instrument and music stands