8th Grade Band

Band is offered as an elective course in the 8th Grade. It is a continuation of 7th Grade Band.

Students in 8th Grade Band have full band rehearsals every day for 43 minutes. We also have weekly sectionals for 20-25 minutes. Our curriculum includes concert performances, solo & ensembles, and some marching in the spring. Our students will work with a wide array of technology to develop their playing skills and understanding of music theory, and to begin to compose & arrange their own music.

LIVE Links to Warm-up videos to play EVERY DAY (from Mrs. Harwood and Mrs. Vinzant)
 - Flute
 - Oboe
 - Bassoon
 - Clarinets
 - Saxophones
 - Trumpet
 - F Horn
 - Trombone
 - Baritones/Euphonium
 - Tuba
 - 4-mallets
 - Snare drumming

LIVE links to Instructional videos
 - How to count dotted rhythms
 - How to count 8th and 16th note combinations
 - Concert Ab Major (common pitfalls)
 - Warm-up Fundamentals 3A - Intervals and tuning
 - Compose 4 measures of rhythm including 8th and 16th note combinations

Instrument and music stands