8th Grade Band

Band is offered as an elective course in the 8th Grade. It is a continuation of 7th Grade Band.

Students in 8th Grade Band have full band rehearsals every day for 43 minutes. Our curriculum includes concert performances, solo & ensembles, and some marching in the spring. Our students will work with a wide array of technology to develop their playing skills and understanding of music theory, and to begin to compose & arrange their own music.

8th grade band students do not have lessons outside of class rehearsals at this time. Students and parents are highly encouraged to take advantage of private lessons instructors in the area. Please contact Mrs. Harwood if you'd like a list of recommended teachers.


* If you would like to retake your playing test over the Bb major scale, arpeggio and scale in 3rds, that test must be re-taken this week.

* We will start sectionals in band very soon. Be ready for a schedule - coming soon!

* The next playing test will be over the Eb Major scale, arpeggio and scale in 3rds. Start practicing!