Welcome to Design and Modeling!  

Students apply the design process to solve problems and understand the influence of creativity and innovation in their lives. They work in teams to make designs, capturing research and ideas in their engineering notebooks. Using Autodesk® design software, students create a virtual image of the product/s they design. 

For at home practice using Auto Inventor, please go to the address below: 


Here's the web site that has tutorials for Auto Inventor. 

To get to Auto Inventor at home follow these directions:
1. Komet homepage
2. Students
3. The Cloud
4. Komets\your username
5. Your password
6. Click "private computer"

If you have an updated Internet Explorer, you may need to go to "Tools" in the ribbon, click on "compatibility".
If a pop up asks you to allow Active X or Remote Access click "allow"

HAVE FUN Designing!!
Mrs. Furst