Soc. Studies (Mn History)

I, along with Mrs. Suess, will be teaching Soc. Studies this year. We study MN history in sixth grade. The Northern Lights book that we are using is very interesting with a lot of info. about Minnesota. I am looking forward to teaching about Minnesota this year!

We will be doing some MN mapping activities to begin the year so that the students can better understand the state and region of Minnesota. We will learn where the the beginning of the Mississippi river is in Lake Itaska and many more interesting places in Minnesota.

There will be some written work that we do as we go through each chapter/unit. We will also be doing some journal writing, and we will be incorporating some Personalized Learning (PL) into our Soc. St. lessons as well. 

WE WILL BEGIN CHAPTER 4 DURING THE WEEK OF 11/12.  Chapter 4 is about the early Ojibwe that lived in Northern MN.