Important Information

Contact Information
Matt Rosaaen (Math) 
Jon Buchanan (Global Studies)
Katie O'Brien (Science) 
Pete Wyttenbach (English) 
All of us can be reached by phone by contacting the middle school office at 507.634.4030. 
Accessing Assignments/Grades
Weekly assignments and upcoming test dates for the team will be posted on the "Team 8A Assignments" tab. Other resources (such as textbook links, worksheets, study guides, reviews, etc.) are posted on the individual teacher’s page. Please access the team webpage to see what we are working on during the week and log on to Parent Portal to keep up-to-date with your student’s grades. 
Team Webpage:
Parent Portal:
Students who have an excused absence have 2 days for every day absent to turn in missed work. If an assignment was due the day you were gone, it is due the day you come back. Missed work will be marked as missing in Portal until turned in, even if it was an excused absence; however, there will not be a penalty if it is turned in within the two days.
Grade Breakdown: (With the exception of Math) 30% of the quarter grade is made up of “Daily Work” such as in-class activities and homework. 70% of the quarter grade is made up of “Assessments” such as quizzes, tests, and projects. Each quarter counts for 25% of the Final Grade. ALL Middle School Math courses will be graded 100% on assessment results.
Late Work: An assignment is considered late if it is not turned in when the teacher asks for it (due date). Late work will be accepted up until the end of the quarter. Late work received after due date, before the end of the quarter, will receive up to 60% of assignment total.