Welcome to Careers 

I am EXCITED to be able to teach this class to all eighth grade students!  Because students can now take college courses while in high school, it is important that eighth grade students get exposed to practical study skills,  what to expect in high school, along with exploring various career options and much more.  Below is a course outline.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at

8th Grade Careers Class


TOPIC 1: Intro to Careers & Communication Skills

  • Introduction to Class/Expectations

  • Self-exploration

  • Communication Skills

introducing self to someone you don’t know, basic social skills (eye contact, hand shake, etc.), addressing and writing letters, thank you’s, etc. (importance of doing so), e-mail skills (teacher, future employer versus friend)


TOPIC 2: Getting a Job

  • What goes into getting a job?  Intro to reference lists (they build their own), Cover Letters, What is a Resume…..what does it look like, why/when would I use one? Interviews (students participate in a mock interview)


TOPIC 3: Personal Finance/Financial Literacy

  • Budgeting money and personal finance.

  • Paying for college - scholarships, loans, work study, savings, approximate costs of various types of education.


TOPIC 4: Post-Secondary Options

  • Different types of training options, schools, military, ect. Types of degrees (Associates, BA/BS,  MA).  

  • Possible college tour


TOPIC 5: Career Exploration

  • Complete Career assessments/inventories, connect inventory to HS class selection and possible career options

  • Explore Career Clusters

  • Choose a Career to research


TOPIC 6: Success

  • Study skills, time management, responsibility, etc.

  • Goal Setting

  • Personally define success


TOPIC 7: High School

  • Graduation requirements

  • Transcripts - how do credits work, what is GPA, class rank

  • Getting involved in HS - Clubs, activities, organizations, etc.

  • Tips for being successful in high school


Contact: Mrs. Furst