Although Reading Intervention Class is NOT graded-we do a variety of assessments throughout the year to monitor progress and determine placement. 

*Making Connections Curriculum Unit pre-test and post-test: each grade level has a reading skills curriculum which covers the major reading skills in the six units. These units typically take 3-4 weeks to complete; the pre-test is given before beginning the unit and the post-test is given at the end. These tests have 8 different questions including an essay question. Students that score 85% or higher on three consecutive tests may be considered for 'graduating.'

*FAST Assessment: This is a new online assessment system that will give us a better understanding of student's levels of reading skills and comprehension.  The aReading assessment is given to students three times a year and assesses vocabulary, mechanics, and comprehension.  It is a 30 questions assessment that adjusts to the student's individual level as he or she is taking it.  We also assess fluency every two weeks which determines their reading rate and accuracy on a grade level appropriate text.

*MCA-Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment: this state reading test is given at the end of April. This is the test the state uses to measure our school's adequate yearly progress. The MCA reading test is administered over the course of two days. It includes four reading passages ranging from poetry, non-fiction to fiction. It assesses the following critical reading skills: understanding main idea, knowledge of vocabulary used in context, inference, sequence of events, fact or details from the text, use of figurative language to express meaning, and determining point of view.This test is given in grades 3-8 & again in grade 10. Students receive their score in the fall of the following year. Proficiency on this test is a #50 or higher. The # stands for whatever grade the student is in. For example a 650 is passing for a 6th grader and a 350 is passing for a 3rd grader.

*All of these assessments are used to determine if your son or daughter is in need of the additional Reading Intervention Class, After School Academy, and/or Summer Bridge.