Reading Intervention

Reading Intervention Class/ADSIS: 
This class will focus on improving reading skills, building vocabulary, improving fluency-words read correctly per minute, improving comprehension of a variety of texts and mastering test taking skills. This class will provide your child with an additional 40-50 minutes of reading, which will help your child attain grade level proficiency in reading. Students that struggle in any of these reading areas need at least 100 minutes a day of reading to improve that reading gap (50 minutes language arts class plus 50 minutes reading intervention).  Students may “graduate” out of Reading Intervention based on different reading test scores collected throughout the year, however by giving children 100 minutes of classes focused on reading (their English class and Reading Intervention), we feel this is the best educational opportunity to bring your student’s reading level up to grade level proficiency. 

*Grades 5 and 6 students that are in Reading Intervention will not have Specials, until they “graduate out.”  Specials now run on a 6-week basis, Therefore if they're only in reading class 1 or 2 sections,  they miss 1 or 2 specials; NOT all of them! Grades 7 and 8 students may choose two Specials classes to take either, 6th,  7th, or 8th periodthe other period will be their Reading Intervention Class.