Spanish at KMMS

In all of my classes, students will be working on acquiring the "Sweet 16" Verbs. These are some of the most frequently used verbs in the Spanish language. By the end of middle school, students should be able to confidently use these verbs in a variety of forms. These verbs include...

The Sweet 16 Verbs:

  • hay (there is / there are)
  • es (is)
  • tiene (has)
  • está (is)
  • va a  (goes to)
  • le gusta (likes)
  • quiere (wants)
  • le dice (says to him/her)
  • le da (gives him/her)
  • ve (sees)
  • oye (hears)
  • viene (comes)
  • sabe (knows)
  • puede (can)
  • pone (puts)
  • sale (leaves)

In 7th and 8th grade, each Spanish class will have a novel unit. These novels are designed for students learning Spanish and focus on high frequency structures. They are fun stories that are engaging to readers and help students acquire the vocabulary in a faster, more meaningful way. Here are the novels we read in my 7th and 8th grade classes: 

El Capibara Con Botas by Mira Canion (Spanish 1)

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Brandon Brown Quiere Un Perro by Carol Gaab (Spanish 2)

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Tumba by Mira Canion (Spanish 3) 

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La Clase de Confesiones by A.C. Quintero (Spanish 4) 

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