• All Clarinet and Saxophone students should have four good reeds. 
  • They should be alternated every few days.
  • Reeds generally last about three months and should be discarded when the tip is chipped, sound squeaky, or have dark spots on them. 
  • Reeds can be purchased at school or from a music store.
  • Make sure to replace any reeds with the same BRAND and strength of reed that was just discarded.  
  • Have dark spots on your reed, it is mold.  All reeds with these spots should be thrown away and the reed holder should be washed with hot soapy water to help kill any mold that is inside it.

As your embouchure (lip musculature) develops, you will need to get harder reeds.  Please ask your lessons teacher or Mrs. Harwood to help you decide which strength and brand of reed is best for you to purchase.

Reeds can be ordered through Welhaven or Schmitt Music, and delivered to KMMS.