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Welcome to Middle School PLTW~!


In STEM 6 students learn the core principle of science and engineering. Students will design their own sail powered car and then plan and conduct their own engineering investigation, gather data, and make improvements to their sail car. The second half of the course focuses on a student guided science experiment. Students will learn how to define variables in an experiment, formulate their hypothesis, plan an experimental procedure, analyze their data, and share what they discovered.

About Me
My name is Mr. Ydstie and this is my 3rd year teaching at Kasson-Mantorville middle school and my 8th year teaching. I teach a variety of S.T.E.M. courses from robotics, to design & 3D modeling, to woodworking. My wife Susan also teaches math at the high school. Outside of school I really enjoy woodworking, home improvement projects, playing musical instruments, going on hikes, and spending time with my family.