Health 10 Syllabus 

Ms. J. Burke


  • Google Classroom: zle2bh

  • Daily Supplies: Notebook, writing utensil

  • Projects: you will almost always have a choice in what your projects are focused on.  For each standard there will be a multitude of options that allow you to demonstrate mastery of the content.

  • MidTerm/Final Exams: will count for 20% of your Final Grade.


I have set the expectations for each of you very high and I suggest you do the same.  

If you have questions, suggestions, feedback, etc… please feel free to let me know.  


Topics Will Include:

  1. Nutrition 

  2. Physical Activity

  3. Emotional Health 

  4. Mental Illness

  5. Community and Environmental Health

  6. Personal and Consumer Health 

  7. Valid Health Information-seeking Skills

  8. Lifestyle Habits, Goal Setting and Behavior Modification 

  9. Substance Abuse, Addiction, and Recovery

  10. Nicotine, Alcohol, and Other Drugs 

  11. Family Life and Sexuality 

  12. Reproductive Health

  13. Injury Prevention 

  14. Disease Prevention

  15. Social Health 

  16. Personal Values, Decision Making, Interpersonal skills to enhance health and avoid risks