Team Sports & Lifetime Fitness Syllabus 

Physical Education Outcomes

Quarter 1                           2019

Ms. Burke           507-634-2961


Upon Completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Participate in aerobic, muscle strengthening, and flexibility physical activity several times per week.

  2. Demonstrate competency and refine activity-specific movement skills in 2 of the following lifetime activity categories:  individual performance activities, individual fitness routine, yoga, or outdoor pursuits.

  3. Demonstrate competency and refine activity-specific movement skills in 2 of the following lifetime activity categories:  net and wall games, target games, or team sports.

  4. Choose an appropriate level of challenge to experience success and desire to participate in a self-selected physical activity.

  5. Exhibit proper etiquette, respect for others, and teamwork while engaging in physical activity or social dance.

  6. Apply best practices for safe participation in physical activity, exercise or dance.  Example: injury prevention, proper alignment, hydration, use of equipment, implementation of rules, sun protection.

  7. Select and participate in physical activities that meet the need for self-expression and enjoyment.

  8. Identify the opportunity for social support in self selected physical activity or dance.

  9. Employ effective self-management skills to analyze barriers and appropriately modify physical activity patterns as needed.

  10. Design a personal fitness program for life after high school (college/work/family life).

  11. Explain the benefits of a physically active lifestyle as it relates to college or career productivity.

  12. Explore physical activities that can be pursued in the local environment for their benefits, social support network, and participation requirements.

  13. Evaluate risks and safety factors that might affect physical activity preferences throughout the life cycle.

  14. Explain how stress-management strategies in physical activity settings can reduce stress and improve health.  Example: aerobic exercise, deep breathing, mediation, mental imagery, relaxation techniques

  15. Apply positive communication skills and strategies to the completion of a group task in a physical activity setting.

  16. Solve problems and think critically in physical activity or dance settings both as an individual and in a group.


Ms. Burke’s Expectations

  1. We are a team

  2. We are KoMets

  3. Be safe - always

  4. Be respectful - sportsmanship, kindness

  5. Be responsible - clothing, shoes, equipment, tasks

  6. Be engaged - participate, no cell phones unless specified 


Grading will be based on participation, projects, skills test, fitness assessments and tests.


Participation: 50% (10 points per day)

Projects: 30%

Skills tests: 5%

Fitness tests: 5%

Midterm test: 5%

Final test: 5%


Grading Scale:

94% - 100% = A

90% - 93% = A-

87% - 89% = B+

84% - 86% = B

80% - 83% = B-

77% - 79% = C+

74% - 76% = C

70% - 73% = C-

67% - 69% = D+

64% - 66% = D

60% - 63% = D-

59% - Below + F


Skills that may be covered:

Volleyball, ultimate frisbee, flag football, basketball, softball, soccer, hockey, broomball, ice skating, bowling, strength training, aerobic exercise, yoga, heart rate monitoring, hiking, backpacking, orienteering, portaging, bean bags, horseshoes, archery, bocce ball, dance, pickleball, tennis, lacrosse, relaxation, fitness testing


K-M High School Physical Education Lifetime Fitness



I will try my best in class and exhibit positive sportsmanship. I will respect others’ abilities and the district’s equipment. The grade I will strive for and think I can attain is _______.


Activities I want to learn more about:


Activities I enjoy:


Activities I am proficient in (could teach others):


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PARENTS: I would like you to sign below if you have read the Physical Education Outcomes Sheets and the Grading policies for this class.  Also, there is a class fee of ___$19____for the ice skating and bowling field trips.


Please sign if you have read the Physical Education Outcomes/Syllabus:


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