WEB (Where Everybody Belongs) is a leadership program, a school community building program, and a 4th to 5th grade transition program.  Students, at the conclusion of their 7th grade year, can apply to become a WEB Leader when they are an 8th grader.  These WEB Leaders attend a training led by our coordinators and then host an orientation for our incoming 5th grade students.  In addition to this, WEB Leaders also lead social and academic lessons in the 5th grade classrooms.  WEB Leaders are also taking on other responsibilities within the school year to model what leadership looks like.
WEB Objectives:
  • to empower 8th graders as role models for the whole school
  • to increase academic success through  support of peers
  • to develop leadership skills in our students
  • to allow for successful students to pass on positive traditions to others
  • to expose students to a variety  of individuals in positive situations
  • to teach students that by working together they can be successful
  • to help create a supportive and positive atmosphere on our campus

Contact: Lindsey Campbell and Jenny Wyttenbach (WEB Coordinators)