Welcome to the Middle School Counseling Office Website

KMMS Counseling Office Staff
Ms. Campbell, School Social Worker
Mrs. Trow, School Counselor
Mr. Henslin, School Counselor

We provide direct and indirect service to students throughout middle school as they
begin their journey into adolescence.  
The counseling program goal is to provide developmental, preventative, and student-centered support for academic, social, and emotional growth, as well as career/college readiness, for all of our students.

Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Trow will follow/loop with their students
for all 4 years of middle school. 
Mr. Henslin will be in the MS building on Mondays & Thursdays only. 

We can be reached by phone, 507-634-4030, or at the emails below.

Ms. Lindsey Campbell
Grades 6 & 8

Mrs. Alyssa Trow
Grades 5 & 7

Mr. Jason Henslin
In the KMMS building on Mondays & Thursdays