picture of my familyWelcome to 7th Grade Life Science!!!
This year in science class you will be exploring how living things function, how energy flows through ecosystems, how traits are inherited within populations of organisms, and how humans can impact the ecosystems we depend upon for life.  In the classroom I use an "all of the above" approach when choosing teaching strategies for my lessons. Whether it is though hands-on labs, creating colorful diagrams, carefully reading a textbook, or discussing challenging questions as a group, I believe that students learn best when they approach a concept though multiple modalities. For this reason, students should expect to be challenged in my class, not only to learn science concepts but also to develop academic skills they will continue to use in their future.

About Me
I grew up in North Mankato and graduated from Mankato West High School in 2006. The following fall I enrolled at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN where I graduated with a biology major and chemistry minor. During my college summers, I worked as a camp counselor at Good Earth Village in Spring Valley, MN. After college, I married my wife Susan and accompanied her in Germany while she taught English through the Fulbright teaching assistantship program. Upon our return to the United States, I began to substitute teach in an EBD level three program in the Southland school district where I caught the teaching bug. In 2014 I completed a teacher licensure program through Western Governors' University and have taught science predominantly in the middle school setting ever since. 

My wife Susan and I are coming to teach in Kasson from the Southland School District where she taught math in the high school for 7 years, and I taught science in the middle school for 4 years. We are the proud parents of our spunky and inquisitive two-year-old daughter Maria, and nine-year-old beagle mix named Lucy.

In my spare time I enjoy reading books and singing with my daughter Maria, golfing with relatives, visiting state parks, rewatching episodes of "The Office" with my wife Susan, and jamming on guitar, drums, or other musical instruments.

I'm excited to get to know this community and am thrilled to be teaching at Kasson-Mantorville!!! Go KoMets!!!
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